Synth Pond is my first attempt at creating a musical instrument / sound toy.

The basic premise is that there are two types of nodes that can be placed; hard-edged reactors, and circular generators. Generators create colored waves every few moments, but do not react to waves. Reactors react to any wave that hits them by putting out their own wave. Reactive waves volume and speed are proportional to the strength of the wave that hit the reactor. Waves lose strength over time.

Right now, the interface is still a little difficult at first. The trick to remember is that to effect a change on a node you need to be clicking and holding down on it while you press a key. I realize this is odd, but after a few minutes it becomes natural. Further instructions are provided in-application by pressing the '/' or '?' key.

Above is a recording of me interacting with Synth Pond. If you want to play yourself, it can be downloaded here: [mac]

p.s. sorry poor-ish audio / video quality. I wasn't getting good framerates with my normal screen capture software and had to use a video camera.

made with openFrameworks