if Search is our memory
what does that mean when we are gone?

Searching the Internet has become the way we remember information.

Much of the time when we need to know something, instead of trying to recall it from our memory, we simply search for it online.

As search engines improve, they become more and more perfect at locating exactly what we want to remember. The basis of these search engines' usefulness is the large quantities of information we share with them about ourselves.

What is unique about this type of memory is that we are no longer storing it in our brains, where it is inaccessible and irretrievable after we are gone. Instead we are collectively storing it in a public space. Where you once had to write a book or erect a building to leave your mark on the world, all you need now is an email address.

Searching the Internet has become the way we remember each other.

As Google is holding fast as the most used and most accurate search engine, one could now say,
"You're never really gone until no one Googles your name."

If machine memory is replacing and superseding conventional memory in this way, how does machine remembrance relate?

If the only thing that now stands in the way of the immortality of our ideas is whether or not we are Googled, how much does it matter who or what is doing the Googling?

What is the significance of being remembered by a machine?

What is the significance of being forgotten by one?

if Search is our memory is a robot that once a day remembers a name from it's list of names. It does this by Googling that name, browsing around in the results, and saving the information it found temporarily to it's own memory as a file. This file is then replaced with a new memory the following day. It never shares what it has found with anyone, only briefly retaining the information for it's own pondering.


if Search is our memory is currently remembering people.
If you would like to be remembered, send me an email.