All Photos by Wendy Ploger

Beg Borrow or Steal (Thieves dinner)
Zach Gage and Recess, 2015

Beg Borrow or Steal was a comissioned game I designed for Recess' annual fundraiser dinner.
Previously, recess had run conventional auctions for donated art, but they wanted to do something more fun this year and came to me with the skeleton of a game. This was the first real money game I've ever designed and it was pretty exhilarating and also a bit scary. The terrifying thing about a game like this is that our opening night doubled as our first ever playtest. Thankfully it was a success, both money-wise and fun-wise.

Guests arriving at the dinner were given a nametag with their name and a photo of one of 180 donated pieces of art on it. The work on their nametag was theirs to take home, but during the night guests were able to steal (swap) nametags with other guests if they liked the other guest's assigned art more.

Guests were able to purchase Steal cards at $25 a pop or Defend cards at $50. If you wanted to steal someones nametag and could present more steal cards than they had defend cards, the steal cards were ripped up, and the nametags were swapped. Defend cards were never ripped up or swapped.

All of the artwork was up on the walls to be inspected during the game, although no pieces were labeled.