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Electro Online 2009

CNET - Mac Game: Art Project or Malware - Interview: Zach Gage Caught in a Lose/Lose Situation
Kotaku - The Dangerous Video Game You Weren't Supposed To Play

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Selected Internet Articles
Wired - The Computer Game That Destroys Your Files
Symantec - OSX.Loosemaque: It’s Not Just a Game Anymore (includes video)
The - Mac game deletes your files: is it malware or is it art?
The Register - Mac art project game destroys files
Joystiq - Lose/Lose game deletes files as you play
CreativeApplications.Net - Lose/Lose [Mac, Games, OpenFrameworks]
MaximumPC - Video Game Dubbed “Lose/Lose” Doesn’t Really Offer a Way to Win/Win
Tom's Hardware - Mac Game/Trojan Wipes a File for Each Alien Killed - Experimental Lose/Lose game gets tagged as a trojan by Symantec - Lose/Lose: Art or a Trojan?
TIGSource - Lose/Lose - Lose/Lose: Kill an Alien, Delete a File
Rock Paper Shotgun - Lose/Lose Indie Game Declared A Trojan
GamerCrave - Lose/Lose: The Game That Deletes Your Files
InfoSecurity Magazine - Lose/Lose trojan game threat for Apple Mac users
PCWorld - New Mac 'game' Plays Russian Roulette With Your Files
Game Politics - Lose/Lose Offers Invasive Interactivity
Yahoo! Games - Is Lose-Lose the riskiest game ever?
Intego: The Mac Security Blog - lose/lose: Is it a Game? Is it Malware? It’s Both!
Game Set Watch - Backup Your Files Before Playing Lose/Lose
Waging Non-Violence - Really losing a video game
Geekologie - Video Game Deletes Files Off Your Computer
Secure Computing - Creator of Space Invaders game hits back at Symantec criticism
Raph Koster's Website - Lose/Lose
Mac Daily News - ‘Lose/Lose’ trojan game for Apple Mac is an art project that deliberately deletes files
The Apple Blog - Art or Virus? Symantec Villifies Spoof Apple “Trojan”
Game Revolution - Lose/Lose
The Onion AV Club - Sawbuck Gamer October 12, 2009
Incredibly Strange Games - Lose/Lose
Apple Insider - 'Art project' video game attacks Apple Mac machines
Tosh.0 - Most Entertaining Computer Virus Ever


Neural Magazine -, interaction is destruction - Issue #35, Spring 2010

Selected Internet Articles
Today And Tomorrow -
The Next Web - the website that slowly deletes itself
PSFK - Bringing Impermanence To The Digital World
CreativeApplications.Net - [WebApp]
Phreak 2.0 -
Mobile Behavior - TREND: Forgetting as a Filter
TechNews.AM - the website that slowly deletes itself

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Selected Internet Articles
Blog.MAKEzine - Parsons Design & Technology symposium opening night